GPS Free-Flight Verification System

Christian Quest ( - 10-Jun-2001

Why CheckIn ?

"GPS flight verification must simplify the work of competition organizers and pilots."


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GPS instead of films...

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Paragliding (and Hangliding) competitions mostly consist of a list of turn points that pilots must "turn".

To check that the pilots indeed turned the point, the classical evidence system is based on pictures taken by each pilot during his flight using a 35mm camera.

This means that the pilot must take some pictures during the flight, give his film after the task, then the film needs to be processed and visually checked.

All this has a cost (films, film processing) and takes time (film processing, film checking) and does not provide a high accuracy (visual film checking can be very inaccurate).

The Global Positionning System (GPS) allows recording of each pilot flight using a simple GPS receiver and a built-in track log recording feature.

After the task, the pilot brings his GPS receiver during the run report, the "track log" is transfered to a computer in order to check the pilot's flight.

Past experiments

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Several experiments have been done during 1999.

The first one started at the French Paragliding Championship in Annecy, in July 1999.
The goal of this first experiment was to collect real flights to have enough data to verify that the track logs were usable for turnpoint verification.

After collecting some competitor track logs, it took one week to analyse the collected data and determine that they were usable for turnpoint checking. Some additional test regarding GPS position error were also conducted during that week.

The second experiment took place at the Morzine PWC competition in July 1999. The goal of this experiment was to collect more data, and compare the results with the classical photographic evidences. The results confirmed that the precision was similar.

The third experiment took place during the final PWC competition in La Bresse in August 1999. The goal was to test the program for "real", during run reports. The program was adapted to allow to simultaneously transfer track logs from more than one GPS. More pilots took part to the experiment as some printed results were displayed after the run report.

Current use of Check'in

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Since the beginning of 2000, Check'in has been used in several competitions all around the world. In some cases it was just to test it, in others, it was the primary evidence system.

PWC (Paragliding World Cup):

Other paragliding competitions or countries where Check'in has been used or tested:


tested during a PrePWC in February 2001


Used for seasons 2001 and 2002




CheckIn has been used during the french championship in Reunion Island.
The FFVL (French Federation) will officially use CheckIn in the 2001 season for its competitions.


The DHV has tested Check'in in several competition thru the early season.
Check'in has also been used in the European Paragliding Championship in Garmisch in July/August 2000.
The DHV will officially use CheckIn in the 2001 season for its competitions.


CheckIn has been used in the Women Hang-Gliding Championship and the PWC 2001 in Konitsa and some other competitions.


The FIVL (Italian Federation) will officially use CheckIn in the 2001 season for its competitions.




Used during pre-PWC in 2001 and PWC 2002 in Tapalpa.


South Africa

South Korea

CheckIn has been used in the PrePWC Open in November 2000 (first tests with Race2000).


Paragliding World Championship 2001 during the 2nd World Air Games.


CheckIn has been tested during the Swiss hang-gliding championship. The FSVL/SHV will officially use CheckIn in the 2001 season for its competitions.

and maybe more !

Check'in design goals

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Check'in has been written with these main goals in mind:

The current version has been used in PWC competitions and only one person and one computer was needed to do the run report of 120 pilots in less than 2 hours.

With the current version of Checkin, during runreport (the critical moment) you simply plug the pilot GPS, press 1 key and read the result after download... nothing else to do !


Check'in current features

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Check'in has been developed with the following goals :

What does Check'in checks and computes ?

Future features

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The next major features will include: