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Christian Quest ( - 28-Feb-2001

Check'in Licensing and registration

"Check'in is available on a subscription basis to allow continue development and enhancements to follow all rules and GPS technology changes in the future"


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Check'in isn't freeware nor shareware. A lot of work, time and money has been (and will be) invested in research and development to stay up to date with new rules and new GPS hardware.

Check'in is available on a subscription basis to allow continue development and enhancements to follow all rules and GPS technology changes in the future.

3 kinds of licences are available :

Shareware license allow up to 10 pilots to be checked for each task and are valid for one year. This license allows team leaders or pilots to use CheckIn during trainings.

Week-end and week competition licenses are valid for the duration of one competition. You will be asked for the date of your competition during registration and your license number will be valid for that period of time only.

Year country license allow to use CheckIn for any number of competitions during one year in one country. The license number contain a geographic limitation as well as the expiration date of the license. This license is made for federations.

If you don't provide a license number to CheckIn, CheckIn will run in demo/test mode allowing only 5 pilots to be checked per task.

License numbers

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When you launch Check'in it will ask you for your license number.

If you do not provide a license number, Check'in can be used in "Demo/Test" mode which will be fully functionnal, but will limit the number of pilots for each task to 5.

After registering Check'in, you'll receive a license number which will unlock Check'in depending on this license number.

Each license number contains:


CIW-010228-010301-075-... = Week-end license (CIW), from 28/2/2001 to 1/3/2001, up to 75 pilots.

CIY-N046E005N038E008-0203... = Year license (CIY) with geographic boundaries 46°N 5°E - 38°N 8°E valid until April 2002 (0203)

The data collected during a competition can still be verified and exported after the license has expired. The date limit and geographic boundaries are checked during track log downloads at run report.



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Check'in price depends on its use. Check'in pricing has been based on the savings it allows by not needing films, and film processing and verification anymore.

Checkin pricing depends on the number of tasks and number of pilots. It allows a single organizer to use Check'in for a single week-end competition, or a national federation to use Check'in for a league or championship season or for all its competitions.

<= 75 pilots

> 75 pilots

Week-end comp (2 tasks)



Week comp. (7 tasks)



One Year (unlimited)



The unregistered version of Check'in allows you to test it with a maximum of 5 pilots per task. This version is also available as shareware ($20) to allow support of CheckIn development and improvements.



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You can order CheckIn online thru Kagi service: (secured order form)

After filling and accepting the order form, you'll receive your license number within a few days by email. Be sure to provide a valid email address and to register soon enough.

If you cannot pay thru Kagi's online service, please contact me.